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We have a wealth of talent in promoting wedding related businesses, with over 20 years experience in this market sector. Our film crews have worked alongside the UK’s leading bridal designers and they have travelled the world capturing wedding and honeymoon destinations. Our design teams have worked with Royal Dress Designer Elizabeth Emanuel and other leading industry professionals.


This wedding services directory is published by Bespoke Creative Solutions, we specialise in wedding directories, virtual wedding fayres, and customer engagement, and we always endeavour to deliver the most accurate, helpful and unrivalled depth of wedding related information and services. We are at the forefront of web based technology, and are extremely proactive in promoting visitors to our sites. With our expertise in search engine optimisation, database acquisition and digital marketing, we can confidently predict that the profiles and information provided by the wedding service suppliers contained within this directory will be delivered to tens of thousands of couples throughout the UK who are in the process of planning their big day.

The purpose of this directory and our individual wedding fayre pages is to provide maximum exposure to the bridal market for our featured wedding venues and wedding suppliers. With over 239,000 couples getting married each year and an average wedding cost of £16,000 the UK bridal market is worth an eye-watering £4 Billion. Our wedding venues and wedding suppliers complement each other, wedding venues who host our suppliers will benefit from the marketing of their venue to potential brides by each of the suppliers featured on there wedding fayre page, and the suppliers will benefit from being marketed to the wedding venues extensive list of wedding enquiries from local couples planning their big day.



Of couples use the Internet to locate and book a wedding service


Of wedding ceremonies take place in the wedding venue


Of brides buy their dress from a specialist wedding designer
We also appreciate that wedding service suppliers have a choice of how and where they promote their wedding service business, and that other directories also exists. However none can match our innovative approach, our unique individual virtual wedding fayres, and our bespoke HD WEB TV wedding channels that have been specifically designed to draw in visitors. We are confident that we can provide wedding service suppliers with an alternative high visibility solution with regard promoting their services, that is extremely low cost, and totally unique in its focus and direction. Our commitment is resolute in making sure that we offer an unmatched level of service for our wedding suppliers and viewers alike, and couples that are due to be married will find our directory to be a one-stop-shop, delivering a unique and friendly user experience, that draws viewers back time and time again for repeat viewing.


For wedding venues, we will design your own unique and individual virtual wedding fayre page, host it and promote it to tens of thousands of brides-to-be. We will populate your wedding fayre page with hand-picked local wedding suppliers, who will not only help to promote your venue, but will also provide essential wedding information to help couples plan their big day.


We have two separate packages available, one specifically designed for wedding venues and the other for wedding suppliers. Within each of these packages we can provide a number of flexible design and advertising options. Our wedding venue package is offered to wedding venues, whereupon we will build a Virtual Wedding Fayre (VWF) page for them. This VWF page is bespoke to each venue, and is specifically designed to match the venues style and colour scheme. It can be easily linked to from within the venues website. We will populate each virtual wedding fayre page with hand-picked local wedding suppliers, whose businesses will be of immediate interest to brides and grooms who are planning their big day. Unlike a wedding fayre that takes place within a venue that may only last a day, the VWF page will deliver essential wedding information to local brides-to-be, in a new and dynamic fashion, working for you 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year, and whats more, it will not cost you a penny.


Our wedding supplier packages offer exceptional value for money and are designed to offer a low cost, high impact promotion, marketing your business in a new, exciting and unique manner, direct to your core audience. A choice of three design packages and flexible hosting solutions puts our advertisers centre stage, and you are guaranteed to reach a National, Regional and Local wedding audience. Not only will your business be featured on our National Virtual Wedding Fayre site, which is seen by tens of thousands of brides and grooms, you will also be able to select from a choice of local virtual wedding fayre sites, hosted by venues around the UK, that will showcase your business to bridal couples who are specifically looking to source and book local wedding suppliers for their big day. Unlike attending a wedding fayre that may only last a day, your virtual wedding fayre feature will be working for you 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year, delivering essential wedding information to local brides-to-be, from multiple venues, in a new, exciting, and dynamic fashion, that is sure to captivate your target audience, and result in increased bookings. We are currently offering 50% discounted design costs, starting from as little as £30, and multiple hosting packages from as little as £2 per venue per month. We can confidently predict that you will not get a better promotional package anywhere in the UK.


Our wedding suppliers, once they have agreed upon a design package, can then select from a number of hosting options. We have chosen this method because it offers maximum flexibility, allowing suppliers to choose from multiple wedding venues, in which to promote their wedding services. Wedding suppliers may choose to promote in just one wedding venue close to them, or may consider using a selection of local wedding venues. Suppliers who are happy to work further-a-field may wish to be included in venues located in other regions around the UK. More and more wedding venues will be added on a daily basis and all our featured wedding suppliers will be informed by email when a new wedding venue has been added. Wedding suppliers who have chosen a gold or platinum design package will also automatically be featured in our national wedding fayre directory, free of charge, thereby guaranteeing additional exposure to tens-of-thousands of brides-to-be. Our hosting packages which can be found below, are simple to calculate, easy to understand and extremely competitive with regards pricing structure. Example packages and example designs can be found further down the page, or can be selected from our drop down menu-bar at the top of the page.
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  • Free Bespoke Virtual Wedding Fayre Page (VWFP), designed, built and hosted free of charge (worth £180)
  • Venue video clips hosted free of charge on the VWF HD WEBTV Video Channel
  • Listed free of charge on the national VWF directory
  • Free picture gallery on the national VWF directory
  • Promoted via the national VWF directory to over 65,000 brides-to-be around the UK
  • Targeted promotion via the bespoke VWFP to over 2,400 local brides-to-be looking for venue locations within a 50 miles radius of the hotel
  • Promoted via individual wedding suppliers who are featured on the hotels unique and bespoke VWFP
  • Free social media promotion
  • Free hotspot, banner ads and advertorial promotional features on the national VWF directory
  • Discounted promotional pack including extra-wide roller banners, A5 flyers and A2/A3 posters that can be used within the hotels reception area to promote their unique VWFP to visitors


WEDDING VENUES – You simply have nothing to loose and everything to gain with this incredible FREE promotional package!